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Dean Baker on mainstream ideology

Dean Baker does a nice job in Worms, Pond Scum and Economists of laying out the pattern of thinking, ideology, that governs (with a few exceptions) the political and punditry class over the “crisis” confronting Social Security and Medicare, and mainstream economists’ … Continue reading

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Deep Sleep and Other News « Real-World Economics Review Blog

The following piece, by Peter Radford, does a nice job of outlining the political divide within the U.S. and, in addition, the depth of economic ignorance and committment to ideology on the part of the media, the right-wing nuts (annoyingly … Continue reading

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Is an Anti-Austerity Alliance Possible?

Good piece, in two parts, by Michael Hoexter regarding the possibility of an alliance between the left-neoclassicals and the Post Keynesians (see here and here), in providing a common front against the austerity nonsense given center stage by the media … Continue reading

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Capitalism in Crisis?

See on – Explorations in Political Economy Capitalism in Crisis with geographer David Harvey & economist Richard Wolff… See on

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Today’s Jobs Report in Pictures

See on – Political Economy Today’s jobs report that showed some pickup in job creation in July does not reduce the need for policymakers to implement measures to give the flagging recovery a needed boost, including preparing to extend … Continue reading

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Can you spot the recovery? (graph)

Originally posted on Real-World Economics Review Blog:
from Edward Fullbrook United States Employment-Population Ratio Data extracted on: August 2, 2012 (4:39:26 AM)       USA Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey Year Jan Feb Mar Apr…

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