Fall 2012 Coyote Economist Just Published

For my CSUSB fans: you should check out our Fall 2012 Coyote Economist. This issue has a discussion on the plight of the working classes in the U.S. since 1970; it’s not a pretty picture.  But then again, you should know that if you’re an Econ student.  The issue also has an extensive discussion of the changes we’ve made to our curriculum (majors).

When I became chair in the Spring of 2010 (the second time around) I thought I’d change the format of our departmental newsletter. It’s been a feature of our department since the late 1970s, but it’s focus has traditionally been on such practical issues as course offerings, scholarship opportunities, upcoming events, etc.  I decided to start turning it into a quarterly discussion of political economic issues and events. We still have the nuts-and-bolts stuff, but we also now have more meaty pieces of relevance to students of political economy.

About Mayo Toruño

Professor of Economics, Emeritus California State University San Bernardino
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