Clinton and Trump’s Economic Proposals

Earlier this week I wrote an essay for our departmental newsletter, The Coyote Economist. In that piece I offer an assessment of the economic proposals of the top two presidential candidates, Clinton and Trump. A slightly amended version, I like to think enhanced, can be found here. The short version is that Clinton’s proposals will not be as stimulative to the economy as Trump’s, but it will be focused on salvaging the social wage, reducing inequality, and staying the course on US imperial designs. In contrast, Trump’s version will be more stimulative, but at the cost of reducing the social wage while increasing militarism and runnning the risk of encouraging global trade wars.

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Spring Quarter 2016 Coyote Economist

The Spring Quarter 2016 issue of the Coyote Economist is now available. The lead article, by your’s truly, is on Socialism. There are also articles on the newest addition to our department – Dr. Yasemin Dildar, the changing of the guard (department chairmanship) from me to Professor Eric Nilsson, the beginning of Professor Thomas Pierce’s retirement, the Seniors Reception and End of the Academic Year Party, commencement, and next year’s (2016-17) schedule of classes.

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Winter Quarter 2016 Coyote Economist

The Winter Quarter 2016 issue of the Coyote Economist is now available. The lead article is by Daniel MacDonald, exploring the political economic context of the Fed’s most recent decision to increase the Federal Funds rate. There are also articles on economics scholarships, the honor society ODE, the upcoming alumni get-together, and the spring and summer course schedule.

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Fall Quarter 2015 Coyote Economist

The Fall 2015 Coyote Economist has just been published. The lead article, written by Professor James Dulgeroff, looks at the plan by China and the U.S. to reduce greenhouse gases. This edition also has information on the End of the Quarter Party, December commencement, Mr. Noe Nava’s participation in the HACU conference, and the tentative class schedule for Winter and Spring of 2016.

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Spring Quarter 2015 Coyote Economist

The Spring Quarter 2015 Coyote Economist has just been published. You’ll find information on student research, the upcoming Seniors Reception, End of the Year Party and Commencement. The main article explores the on-going stagnation and the Neoliberal era.

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“Is there anything worth keeping in standard microeconomics?”

Don’t have anything to add to this. Reposting because I’m in agreement

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Edward Fullbrook

For me three economists stand out historically as having been the most effective at building resistance to the dominance of scientism in economics.  Keynes of course is one, and the other two are Bernard Guerrien and Tony Lawson, Guerrien because he was the intellectual and moral force behind Autisme Economie which, among other things, gave rise to the RWER; and Lawson because his papers, books and seminars have inspired, joined and intellectually fortified thousands.

It is notable that all three of these economists were or were on their way to becoming professional mathematicians before switching to economics.  When still in his twenties, Keynes’ mathematical genius was already publicly celebrated, most notably by Whitehead and Russell, and he had already published what was to become for his first discipline a classic work.  Guerrien’s first PhD was in mathematics, and Lawson was doing a PhD in mathematics at…

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The Winter Quarter 2015 Coyote Economist

We just published the Winter Quarter 2015 Coyote Economist. The lead article, written by Daniel MacDonald, focuses on the gap between the myth and the reality of economic mobility within the USA. No, the USA is NOT the much touted land of opportunity. If you want to increase your chances of moving up the economic ladder you should move to Denmark, Norway or Finland. Hell, even Canada offers greater opportunities.

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