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Professor and Chair of Economics Department, California State University San Bernardino

Winter Quarter 2014 Coyote Economist

Here’s the Winter Quarter Coyote Economist. The lead article deals with the political economics of the minimum wage.

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Fall Quarter 2013 Coyote Economist

I have been very busy the last few months and, as a result, have put this blog on the back burner. But, I intend to get back into writing more consistently after this quarter is over. In the meantime, here’s … Continue reading

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Spring Quarter 2013 Coyote Economist

The Spring Quarter Coyote Economist has just come off the press. It contains information on our newest faculty member – Professor Daniel MacDonald, employment prospects for Econ majors, the student club – Econ Radicals, tentative teaching schedule for next academic … Continue reading

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Deficits Are Bad and the Sun Goes Around the Earth

See on – Explorations in Political Economy Dean Baker. “If economics were like astronomy, the experts in the field would all be calling for the government to spend what is needed to boost growth. But economics is not like … Continue reading

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Dean Baker on mainstream ideology

Dean Baker does a nice job in Worms, Pond Scum and Economists of laying out the pattern of thinking, ideology, that governs (with a few exceptions) the political and punditry class over the “crisis” confronting Social Security and Medicare, and mainstream economists’ … Continue reading

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Winter 2013 Coyote Economist

To my CSUSB fans, the Winter Quarter 2013 Coyote Economist has just come out. We have an article on Students for Quality Education, The Model United Nations at CSUSB, and the nonsense surrounding the current national debate on the deficit, … Continue reading

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California unions grow, bucking U.S. trend

Today’s LA Times had a good piece by Alana Semuels discussing the growth of labor unions within California, as a result of the growing number of Latino workers.  Read her article here: California unions grow, bucking U.S. trend –  This … Continue reading

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The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine: Militarizing Latin America

See on – América Latina by CONN HALLINAN This past December marked the 190th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, the 1823 policy declaration by President James Monroe that essentially made Latin America the exclusive reserve of the United States. … Continue reading

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How we got here

See on – Explorations in Political Economy MAINSTREAM macroeconomics has a pretty poor reputation these days, both among the public at large and among economists in other fields. This is hardly surprising…. Mayo Toruño‘s insight: A good summary of … Continue reading

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GOP to discuss minority outreach at ‘Burwell Plantation’ room | theGrio

Just in case some of you missed this. The GOP has spent this weekend strategizing over how to reach out to minorities. They have decided to work out the details of their emerging new electoral plan, intent on wooing Latinos, … Continue reading

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